Das Team
Das Team


Christian Eickhoff & Julia Wenz

We work with video and sound.

Both materials are produced entirely separate. They are not only transporting different media, but also completely different impressions, experiences and events. There is no thematic or other agreement at this time.

While composing and editing the two strands come together and merge. Picture and sound are now precisely coordinated. Drama and thematic focus will now be decided together.

Work plans and project examples

For our research we look out for places where we assume a special picture and / or sound-world. So we have for example implemented a project in Iceland, which tells about the special geographical features of the island (Island Triologie). Agriculture is linked with landscape. In the film "Bogen" a field is playing a starring role about the interaction of technical equipment and tamed wilderness.

Since we decided not to allow any agreements during research, the choice of location is the only common starting point for a new project.